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And while PR is our first love, we are infatuated with social media marketing and take pride as strategic integrated marketing consultants.

Your customers expect excellence. We do, too. And we have proven strategies to make it happen.

Public Relations

Tell a story that gets results

We know that lifetime brand ambassadors are born from a message that resonates. The vast media holds a true wealth of opportunities for you to spread your message and gain publicity in a deep and meaningful way.


We are creative storytellers who craft deliberate, message-driven campaigns that form deep, durable connections with your target customers, the media and other industry leaders.


Your industry is unique. We use research and data-driven insights to handpick a custom database of media outlets to leverage for your business.


Through our proven media relations strategies, we get real, measurable results that open doors for long term connections and growth opportunities.

Small Business Integrated Marketing Consulting

Discover actionable strategies to grow through your brand

You not only need to find the right audience to connect with, you also need the right strategies to make an unforgettable impression.


As your consulting partner, we help you ignite a purposeful brand. We introduce innovative and cost-effective strategies for you to implement as you   build new customer relationships, and reinforce the existing ones.


Our thorough methods of analysis, strategic planning, and customer targeting ensure that you reach more qualified leads and connect them to your brand in a meaningful way.


We consider both short and long term goals, and provide actionable growth-centric game plans to exceed them. 

Do you want to see results, even with financial limitations?

Check out our low-cost integrated marketing consulting sessions designed especially for our micro-business partners.

Social Media

Leverage digital strategies and establish your online presence

Navigating the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing is a necessity in today’s world. Your business relies on gaining influence over the right audience and establishing a strong online presence. Opportunities can pass you by just as quickly as they trend overnight on Twitter.


We are experts at identifying emerging trends and leveraging them at their sweetest spot to grow your brand.


Through those avenues, we implement then execute the most effective strategies to connect and engage with your target audience and better position you as an industry leader.


Our finger is on the pulse of the latest trends and insights in digital marketing, helping us to better connect your brand to the right audience.

Strategic Integrated Marketing Consulting Sessions

Get growth-hacking insights without breaking the bank

Do you want to use proven growth strategies for your business, even on a tight budget?


When we work with you as a consulting partner, we take our time as we cover every corner of your business to unlock all the details of its growth potential. With our integrated marketing consulting sessions, you can access our 15+ years of expertise in one potent 90-minute session.


Everything you need to know from brand development to marketing strategies and tactics to project management is covered when we devote 90 knowledge-rich minutes to your brand’s growth.


And it’s all at an affordable price designed just for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Copy of D3 Logo

Case Study

D3 Fitness - Local Media Relations

Our Task

This Chicago-based group fitness boutique no longer desired to be the city’s best kept secret. Leadership commissioned The PR Shoppe to raise brand awareness, increase membership and promote its founder as a leading fitness expert.

Our Plan

The PR Shoppe went straight to work, targeting Chicago’s top morning talk show, as well as the remaining top local TV shows, and online and radio press.

Our Results

By the end of Q3, through ongoing media coverage, D3 Fitness saw a 40% increase in monthly memberships, and nearly a 30% increase in foot traffic. They have graced virtually every Chicago-based daytime and morning tv show, including Good Day Chicago, The Jam, Windy City Live and WGN, and its founder, The Exercise Habit Coach, is now a highly requested fitness expert and recurring TV guest.

Curls logo

Case Study

CURLS - National & Local Media Relations

Our Task

The PR Shoppe was contracted through New York-based agency, L.A. I. Communications, to assist in generating ongoing media relations for CURLS, who at the time was an up-and-coming organic natural hair products line.

Our Plan

With only 12 allocated hours per month, The PR Shoppe strategically targeted local and national television shows and digital media outlets to generate impactful coverage for CURLS.

Our Results

Month after month, The PR Shoppe consistently secured an average of 80% of total press placements and media desk sides for CURLS, including Yahoo! Beauty, Refinery29, Good Day Chicago, JET Magazine, You & Me This Morning, and Good Morning Texas. CURLS is now one of the leading multicultural hair care brands in the world!


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